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How to registration drone in Thailand 2023

    Many friends are planning to buy drones to take pictures of beautiful views together. Today, I would like to introduce about the registration of drones in Thailand if you have a drone or are planning to buy one. You should know that NBTC registration Registered with the Department of Aviation and must have and drone insurance before flying your drone must comply with the law in Thailand.If going to fly abroad must study the laws of each country before flying the drone. The first and most important thing is to legally register the drone with the NBTC and CAAT (The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand) first.

What types of drones do drone registrations require?

  1. Radio controlled drones are required to register their owners at the NBTC (The National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission)
  2. Drones with cameras must be registered drones in all cases or drones that weigh more than 2 kilograms must be registered drones in all cases. (Drones weighing less than 2 kilograms without a camera do not need to register the drone.) As for drones that weigh more than 25 kilograms. Must be authorized in writing by the Minister of Transport specifically.

The agency where we must register drones There are two agencies and an insurance policy.

  1. NBTC  to register the owner of the drone
  2. .The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) to register drone pilots
  3. Insurance policy that covers liability for third parties with a limit of 1 million bah

Documents required for drone registration with NBTC

Registration can be done online. There is a fee of 214 baht for lifetime. If you sell your drone to others, you must inform the NBTC as well. The steps are as follows.

  1. Go to the NBTC  web page, apply for a User password first.
  2. Prepare clear photos of the drone front-back-side.
  3. Take a picture of the Serial-Number number. The serial-number of the drone and the serial-number of the remote controller.
  4. Prepare a receipt Tax invoice received from a shop purchase
  5. passport copy with a signed true copy
  6. Copy of visa with signature
  7. Document indicating the date of entry into the country with a stamp from the immigration office

What you need to prepare for registering a drone with CAAT

  1. Drone Pilot Self-Certification (Download at CAAT website)
  2. 3rd party insurance policy (not less than 1 million baht)
  3. A photograph of the drone’s serial number must be clear.
  4. Prepare a receipt Tax invoice received from a shop purchase
  5. Passport copy with a signed true copy
  6. Copy of visa with signature
  7. Document indicating the date of entry into the country with a stamp from the immigration office

How many types of drone insurance ?

Divided according to coverage into two types, namely

  1. Third party protection .The coverage amount is 1 million baht as required by law. Drones can be registered starting at 590 baht(The price depends on the weight of the drone.)
  2. Drone coverage with third Party Coverage amount is 1 million baht, And there is accident coverage for your drone as well.

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Penalties if the drone is not registered and without a license

Penalties according to the Air Navigation Act and regulations for flying unmanned aircraft or drones if anyone violates Initially, this Act is punishable by imprisonment of not more than 1 year or a fine of not more than 40,000 baht, or both. By counting as different actions, different agendas From the past news, it can be seen that some people have been fined in the hundreds of thousands. Flying a drone in Thailand is not forbidden. Just have to learn and follow the law. will fly comfortably.

drone insurance Thailand

11 things to know before flying a drone

  1. It is forbidden to fly drones in Bangkok within a radius of 19 kilometers from the Victory Monument. And do not fly near and within the Royal Palace.
  2. Do not fly drones in restricted areas, national parks and dangerous areas as announced in the aviation press release of Thailand. (Aeronautical Information Publication – Thailand or AIP -Thailand), including an area 9 kilometers from an airport or a temporary airstrip. Unless permitted by the owner of the area.
  3. Do not fly drones in government buildings. government agencies, hospitals, unless authorized from the owner of the area

  4. Do not fly the drone higher than 90 meters above the ground. because it may enter the altitude of the aircraft

  5. Do not fly into clouds or fog. Drones must be flown between sunrise and sunset when the drone can be clearly seen.

  6. Do not fly drones over communities, towns, villages or other crowded areas. And always ask permission from the event organizer first.

  7. Do not fly drones over private areas where It violates the privacy rights of others. or cause trouble nuisance to others

  8. Always check the condition of the drone and the battery to be ready for use at all times.

  9. Check if your licenses and drone insurance are expired or not.

  10. Drone control should be forced with carelessness.

  11. Always keep up with the movement of new laws related to drones.